libpointmatcher  1.3.1
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PointMatcher.h File Reference

public interface More...

#include "Eigen/StdVector"
#include "Eigen/Core"
#include "Eigen/Geometry"
#include <boost/thread/mutex.hpp>
#include <stdexcept>
#include <limits>
#include <iostream>
#include <ostream>
#include <memory>
#include <boost/cstdint.hpp>
#include "DeprecationWarnings.h"
#include "Parametrizable.h"
#include "Registrar.h"

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struct  PointMatcherSupport::InvalidModuleType
 An exception thrown when one tries to use a module type that does not exist. More...
struct  PointMatcherSupport::TransformationError
 An expection thrown when a transformation has invalid parameters. More...
struct  PointMatcherSupport::Logger
 The logger interface, used to output warnings and informations. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >
 Functions and classes that are dependant on scalar type are defined in this templatized class. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::ConvergenceError
 Point matcher did not converge. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::DataPoints
 A point cloud. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::DataPoints::Label
 The name for a certain number of dim. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::DataPoints::Labels
 A vector of Label. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::DataPoints::InvalidField
 An exception thrown when one tries to access features or descriptors unexisting or of wrong dimensions. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::Matches
 Result of the data-association step (Matcher::findClosests), before outlier rejection. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::Transformation
 A function that transforms points and their descriptors given a transformation matrix. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::Transformations
 A chain of Transformation. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::DataPointsFilter
 A data filter takes a point cloud as input, transforms it, and produces another point cloud as output. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::DataPointsFilters
 A chain of DataPointsFilter. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::Matcher
 A matcher links points in the reading to points in the reference. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::OutlierFilter
 An outlier filter removes or weights links between points in reading and their matched points in reference, depending on some criteria. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::OutlierFilters
 A chain of OutlierFilter. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::ErrorMinimizer
 An error minimizer will compute a transformation matrix such as to minimize the error between the reading and the reference. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::ErrorMinimizer::ErrorElements
 A structure holding data ready for minimization. The data are "normalized", for instance there are no points with 0 weight, etc. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::TransformationChecker
 A transformation checker can stop the iteration depending on some conditions. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::TransformationCheckers
 A chain of TransformationChecker. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::Inspector
 An inspector allows to log data at the different steps, for analysis. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::ICPChainBase
 Stuff common to all ICP algorithms. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::ICP
 ICP algorithm. More...
struct  PointMatcher< T >::ICPSequence
 ICP alogrithm, taking a sequence of clouds and using a map Warning: used with caution, you need to set the map manually. More...


 Functions and classes that are not dependant on scalar type are defined in this namespace.


#define POINTMATCHER_VERSION   "1.3.1"
 version of the Pointmatcher library as string
 version of the Pointmatcher library as an int
#define ZERO_PLUS_EPS   (0. + std::numeric_limits<double>::epsilon())
 The smallest value larger than 0.
#define ONE_MINUS_EPS   (1. - std::numeric_limits<double>::epsilon())
 The largest value smaller than 1.


typedef std::map< std::string, std::vector< std::string > > PointMatcherSupport::CsvElements
 Data from a CSV file.


void PointMatcherSupport::setLogger (std::shared_ptr< Logger > newLogger)
 Set a new logger, protected by a mutex.
void PointMatcherSupport::validateFile (const std::string &fileName)
 Throw a runtime_error exception if fileName cannot be opened.

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public interface