libpointmatcher  1.3.1
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PointMatcher< T > Struct Template Reference

Functions and classes that are dependant on scalar type are defined in this templatized class. More...

#include <PointMatcher.h>


struct  ConvergenceError
 Point matcher did not converge. More...
struct  DataPoints
 A point cloud. More...
struct  DataPointsFilter
 A data filter takes a point cloud as input, transforms it, and produces another point cloud as output. More...
struct  DataPointsFilters
 A chain of DataPointsFilter. More...
struct  ErrorMinimizer
 An error minimizer will compute a transformation matrix such as to minimize the error between the reading and the reference. More...
struct  ICP
 ICP algorithm. More...
struct  ICPChainBase
 Stuff common to all ICP algorithms. More...
struct  ICPSequence
 ICP alogrithm, taking a sequence of clouds and using a map Warning: used with caution, you need to set the map manually. More...
struct  Inspector
 An inspector allows to log data at the different steps, for analysis. More...
struct  Matcher
 A matcher links points in the reading to points in the reference. More...
struct  Matches
 Result of the data-association step (Matcher::findClosests), before outlier rejection. More...
struct  OutlierFilter
 An outlier filter removes or weights links between points in reading and their matched points in reference, depending on some criteria. More...
struct  OutlierFilters
 A chain of OutlierFilter. More...
struct  Transformation
 A function that transforms points and their descriptors given a transformation matrix. More...
struct  TransformationChecker
 A transformation checker can stop the iteration depending on some conditions. More...
struct  TransformationCheckers
 A chain of TransformationChecker. More...
struct  Transformations
 A chain of Transformation. More...

Public Types

typedef T ScalarType
 The scalar type.
typedef Eigen::Matrix< T, Eigen::Dynamic, 1 > Vector
 A vector over ScalarType.
typedef std::vector< Vector, Eigen::aligned_allocator< Vector > > VectorVector
 A vector of vector over ScalarType, not a matrix.
typedef Eigen::Quaternion< T > Quaternion
 A quaternion over ScalarType.
typedef std::vector< Quaternion, Eigen::aligned_allocator< Quaternion > > QuaternionVector
 A vector of quaternions over ScalarType.
typedef Eigen::Matrix< T, Eigen::Dynamic, Eigen::Dynamic > Matrix
 A dense matrix over ScalarType.
typedef Eigen::Matrix< int, Eigen::Dynamic, Eigen::Dynamic > IntMatrix
 A dense integer matrix.
typedef Eigen::Matrix< std::int64_t, Eigen::Dynamic, Eigen::Dynamic > Int64Matrix
 A dense signed 64-bits matrix.
typedef Eigen::Array< T, Eigen::Dynamic, Eigen::Dynamic > Array
 A dense array over ScalarType.
typedef Matrix TransformationParameters
 A matrix holding the parameters a transformation. More...
typedef PointMatcherSupport::Parametrizable Parametrizable
typedef Parametrizable::Parameters Parameters
typedef Parametrizable::ParameterDoc ParameterDoc
typedef Parametrizable::ParametersDoc ParametersDoc
typedef Parametrizable::InvalidParameter InvalidParameter
typedef Matrix OutlierWeights
 Weights of the associations between the points in Matches and the points in the reference. More...
typedef Transformations::iterator TransformationsIt
typedef Transformations::const_iterator TransformationsConstIt
typedef DataPointsFilters::iterator DataPointsFiltersIt
typedef DataPointsFilters::const_iterator DataPointsFiltersConstIt
typedef OutlierFilters::const_iterator OutlierFiltersConstIt
typedef OutlierFilters::iterator OutlierFiltersIt
typedef TransformationCheckers::iterator TransformationCheckersIt
typedef TransformationCheckers::const_iterator TransformationCheckersConstIt

Public Member Functions

 PointMatcher ()
 Constructor, populates the registrars.

Static Public Member Functions

static void swapDataPoints (DataPoints &a, DataPoints &b)
 Exchange in place point clouds a and b, with no data copy.
static const PointMatcherget ()
 Return instances.

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
struct PointMatcher< T >

Functions and classes that are dependant on scalar type are defined in this templatized class.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ OutlierWeights

template<typename T>
typedef Matrix PointMatcher< T >::OutlierWeights

Weights of the associations between the points in Matches and the points in the reference.

A weight of 0 means no association, while a weight of 1 means a complete trust in association.

◆ TransformationParameters

template<typename T>
typedef Matrix PointMatcher< T >::TransformationParameters

A matrix holding the parameters a transformation.

The transformation lies in the special Euclidean group of dimension $n$, $SE(n)$, implemented as a dense matrix of size $n+1 \times n+1$ over ScalarType.

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