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Expertise: Search and rescue, localization, sensor fusion, field deployments

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Vladimír has received his master’s degree in Cybernetics and Robotics from the Czech Technical University in Prague (2013). The experiments for the master’s thesis were performed at the ASL lab (ETH Zurich) during his visiting student internship. After that, he continued as a Ph.D. student at CTU and focused on the problem of data fusion and state estimation for ground robots in harsh conditions. He had the opportunity to participate in two EU-funded search and rescue projects NIFTi and TRADR. These projects offered real-world scenarios to test the localization algorithms. The main challenge were sensor outages (because of dark areas, smoke), unstable terrain and semi-structured environments (e.g., earthquake aftermath). He defended his Ph.D. thesis in 2018 (supervised by Michal Reinstein and Tomáš Svoboda) and enrolled as a postdoc fellow with the NORLAB. The Canadian winter brings new challenges for the ground mobile robots: deep snow, adversary conditions for optical sensors and changing terrain caused by wind and blizzards.

His research topics are sensor fusion and state estimation for mobile ground robots. He is interested in the problems related to deployment of robots in harsh environments.



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