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Dominic Baril

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Expertise: Control, trajectory following, motion modelling, autonomous navigation in winter conditions, ICP

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Dominic Baril is a PhD student at Norlab, under the supervision of Pr. François Pomerleau. He graduated in mechanical engineering at Sherbrooke University in 2018. To complete his bachelor’s, he worked on a major robotic project in collaboration with Exonetik, a company that produces magnetorheological actuators. The project (named ASIMOV) consisted in designing, manufacturing and controlling 2 identic and mechanically independent robotic arms. He also realised an internship in the Createk laboratory under the supervision of Pr. Alexandre Girard. His work on the SNOW project mainly focuses on improving the robustness path-following and motion modelling techniques for mobile robots in harsh winter conditions. He is also a member of the laboratory’s team for the DARPA - Subterranean Challenge.


  • Bachelor’s degree in mechanical Engineering at Sherbrooke University, 2018

  • Master’s in computer science at Laval University (Fast-track to PhD), 2020


Journal Articles

  1. Rouček, T., Pecka, M., Čížek, P., Petříček, T., Bayer, J., Šalanský, V., Azayev, T., Heřt, D., Petrlík, M., Báča, T., Spurný, V., Krátký, V., Petráček, P., Baril, D., Vaidis, M., Kubelka, V., Pomerleau, F., Faigl, J., Zimmermann, K., … Krajník, T. (2022). System for multi-robotic exploration of underground environments CTU-CRAS-NORLAB in the DARPA Subterranean Challenge. Field Robotics, 2(1), 1779–1818.
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  2. Baril, D., Deschênes, S.-P., Gamache, O., Vaidis, M., LaRocque, D., Laconte, J., Kubelka, V., Giguère, P., & Pomerleau, F. (2022). Kilometer-scale autonomous navigation in subarctic forests: challenges and lessons learned. Field Robotics, 2(1), 1628–1660.
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Conference Articles

  1. Deschênes, S.-P., Baril, D., Boxan, M., Laconte, J., Giguère, P., & Pomerleau, F. (2024). Saturation-Aware Angular Velocity Estimation: Extending the Robustness of SLAM to Aggressive Motions. Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA). Submitted
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  2. Deschênes, S.-P., Baril, D., Kubelka, V., Giguère, P., & Pomerleau, F. (2021). Lidar Scan Registration Robust to Extreme Motions. 2021 18th Conference on Robots and Vision (CRV).
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  3. Baril, D., Grondin, V., Deschenes, S., Laconte, J., Vaidis, M., Kubelka, V., Gallant, A., Giguere, P., & Pomerleau, F. (2020). Evaluation of Skid-Steering Kinematic Models for Subarctic Environments. 2020 17th Conference on Computer and Robot Vision (CRV), 198–205. Best Robotic Vision Paper Award!
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  1. Deschênes, S.-P., Baril, D., Kubelka, V., Giguère, P., & Pomerleau, F. (2023). Lidar Scan Registration Robust to Extreme Motions. Colloque REPARTI, Université Laval.
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  1. Courcelle, C., Baril, D., Pomerleau, F., & Laconte, J. (2023). On the Importance of Quantifying Visibility for Autonomous Vehicles under Extreme Precipitation. In H. Abut, G. Schmidt, K. Takeda, J. Lambert, & J. H. L. Hansen (Eds.), Towards Human-Vehicle Harmonization (Vol. 3, pp. 239–250). De Gruyter.
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