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Dominic Baril

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Expertise: control, trajectory following, autonomous navigation in winter conditions

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Dominic Baril is a master’s student at Norlab. He graduated in mechanical engineering at Sherbrooke University in 2018. To complete his bachelor’s, he worked on a major robotic project in collaboration with Exonetik, a company that produces magnetorheological actuators. The project (named ASIMOV) consisted in designing, manufacturing and controlling 2 identic and mechanically independent robotic arms. The arms are able to simultaneously reprodouce a haptic feeling in the other when touching objects. He also realised an internship in the Createk laboratory under the supervision of Pr. Alexandre Girard. He was tasked with integrating a 1:10 scaled robotic car (based on the MIT’s RACECAR). The car was outfitted with the standard autonomous car sensors and Dominic created a control architecture (using ROS) for the robot. His work in Norlab will be related to the control of an autonomous robot in a harsh winter environment.


  • Bachelor’s degree in mechanical Engineering at Sherbrooke University, 2018